think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-in for PowerPoint and Excel, which integrates seamlessly with these applications to help you visualize complex charts like Marimekko, Gantt and waterfall within minutes. think-cell also provides a set of tools to structure and maintain agendas within PowerPoint presentations.


Free licenses of think-cell are available for Neston Community Youth Centre staff for use on both organisation-owned and personal computers.

For more information, please visit the think-cell website


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Neston Community Youth Centre Ltd does not directly or indirectly endorse any product or service provided, or to be provided, by think-cell and/or parent company or subsidiaries. think-cell shall not state or imply any endorsement by Neston Community Youth Centre Ltd or any of their staff.


Usage Terms - think-cell offer their software for FREE to academic or nonprofit organisations, given that they only use the software for education, public research or their direct nonprofit core operations.

Contact - If you are eligible and agree to the Usage Terms above, please contact your appropriate line manager  to obtain a copy of the think-cell license key.